VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club Upgrading To Football Nation VR 2018, World Cup Tournament Announced

Cherry Pop Games has announced that their new virtual reality (VR) title Football Nation VR 2018 will be coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive next month. The new title, which will be a free upgrade to owners of VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club, brings will with it new tournament content inspired by the World Cup.

Football Nation VR 2018

The new content update will bring plenty of features to the title that allow users to take part in the world’s biggest football tournament and carry their team through to victory. With the immersive experience of being on the pitch with the crows cheering around, players will feel the rush and the excitement as they live out their childhood dream of playing within the World Cup.

“We were so inspired by all the great feedback we had from the VR community about Football in VR, and to us it was impossible to ignore that 2018 is the year of the World Cup and we wanted to bring a little bit of that magic into Virtual Reality. When you step out onto that pitch, with the crowd roaring the atmosphere is palpable, it really was a wow moment for me.” said Gemma Jessop, Cherry Pop Games.

Football Nation VR 2018

Players will be able to pick from any of the 37 VR Nations and play through Football Nations VR 2018 unique tournament structure. In the first round play as any of the 36 teams and score as many goals as you can, as only 16 teams will be moving onto the second round. This then continues until their are only 8 teams, then 4 teams and finally, 1 overall winner. Every win that players earn for their repetitive country will add 3 points to the global leaderboards and the teams with the most points will go through to the next stage. The team with the most points at the end of the day on 21st July will be named the winning team of the first VR Football Nation Tournament. You can see the schedule for the tournament below:

Round 1 = 36 teams
Lasts 3 weeks: 7th June – 28th June 2018

Round 2 = 16 Teams
1 week 28th June – 5th July

Quarter Finals = 8 teams
1 week 5th July – 12th July

Semi Finals = 4 teams
1 week 12th – 19th July

Final = 2 teams
1 day 21st July 2019

VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce reviewed VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club saying: “While the videogame has many issues deriving from the limitations of the hardware upon which it is built, VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club remains one of the best sports experiences VR has to offer. More than that however, it’s also one of the best social VR experiences currently available, with the tension of competition and the misery of defeat likely to help make new friends (and potentially enemies) across the VR community. VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club is a welcome foundation for sports simulations in VR, and with the FIFA franchise now surpassing 25 editions (not including the many spin-offs such as FIFA Street and FIFA World Cup), it’s a wonder to think exactly how much of VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club will remain in VR football 25 years from now.”

Football Nation VR 2018

Football Nation VR 2018 is set to release on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on June 7th with the tournement starting right away. Once again, the release will be a free upgrade to owners of VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the tournament so make sure to stay tuned for more in the future.