Trivver Launches Token Sales To Fund VR/AR Advertising Technology

Though opinion tends to be more than a bit divided on the subject of advertising in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), it is generally agreed amongst most users and experts that placing adverts naturally within a setting is the best approach. Trivver is looking to the sale of cryptocurrency to fund the development of technology for this purpose.

Trivver has announced that is will launch the sale of up to 100 million Trivver Tokens in order to fund the development, commercialisation and adoption of technology to seamlessly incorporate advertising into VR and AR experiences.

The technology that Trivver is working on involves a suite of patented tools that include the core Smart Object Technology, which allows advertising objects or banners to be be resized and altered to fit the situation. This allows advertisers to create integrated AR or VR ad campaigns by using native advertising.

“We believe in the exponential possibilities of XR and in the profound, lasting and global impact of this technology,” said Joel LaMontagne, CEO of Trivver. “We are passionate about driving XR adoption among consumers and within the enterprise. Our goal is to enable publishers and developers in the XR space to fund themselves through advertising and encourage the improvement of technology that enhances XR experiences for consumers. We’re also making it easier for advertisers to promote their brand in the XR space through seamless product placement – delivering relevant and interesting content to engage their users.”

The Trivver platform is currently in Beta, but has seen some interest from companies and brands such as WayFair and Cannon. The pre-sale for its Trivver tokens has already begun and will last until 5th June, 2018. The public token sale will then commence on 8th June, 2018 and will close on 7th July, 2018.

Further information on Trivver and the token sale can be found on the Trivver website. VRFocus will continue to keep you up to date on new developments with VR/AR and cryptocurrency.