Travel Down The Time Tunnel To The Prehistoric Jungle In Time Carnage

Travelling through time to see what dinosaurs were really like holds a certain appeal, especially since its offers the chance to finally solve the ‘scales or feathers’ debate. Time Carnage is not particularly interested in academic pursuits, however. You are mostly here to shoot things.

Time Carnage puts the payer in the role of a time traveller, bouncing round through time putting down threats which the aid of a trusty armoury of weapons.

Time Carnage

Today’s VRFocus gameplay video goes all the way back to the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth – as such, they are not too pleased about you being on their turf. As such, huge deadly insects, fast raptors and big, plodding triceratops will crash through the trees towards you to be shot down.

Time Carnage is basically a wave shooter, though one which offers a regular change of scenery to switch things up a bit. You have four weapons available, which must be chosen before your start the level. Though you start out with only a hang gun and sub machine gun, lots more weapons are available to be unlocked as your progress, including some hidden weaponry.

Choosing your loadout is only half the story, though, weapons will only reload when they aren’t being held, so you need to quickly get used to the flow of grabbing and dropping weaponry as needed to let it recharge. There is also an energy shield which can protect you from attacks, but be armed, it only has a limited charge.

Time Carnage screenshot

Also worth looking out for is the Time Paradox, which if activated, slows time to a crawl, giving you extra space to take out that horde of dinosaurs and insects swarming your way. You can read the full review for Time Carnage here and the full gameplay video is available to view below.

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