The Wild Immersion and Lenovo Mirage Solo Collaborate on Environmental Awareness Experience

Whether it’s deforestation, melting polar ice caps, rising temperatures, coral bleaching or one of the many other symptoms affecting our planet due to over population, pollution, plastics and other human causes, the Earth is changing, and not particularly for the better. All of these effects have a massive impact on the wild animals across the globe which is why Lenovo has collaborated with The Wild Immersion, supported by The Jane Goodall Institute, to make a memorable virtual reality (VR) film to raise awareness.

The Wild Immersion - Lenovo Mirage Solo

Having partnered with Google and WWF to highlight to audiences the world’s disappearing rainforests at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, Lenovo’s new project with The Wild Immersion aims to bring viewers up close and personal with a range or wild animals.

With statistics like the Earth’s population of wild animals has declined 58 percent in 40 years, an average decline of 2 percent a year due to habitat loss and degradation (Living Planet Report 2016. Zoological Society of London, World Wildlife Fund) and protected areas cover only 15 percent of the Earth’s land surface (Protected Planet Report 2016. UN Environment and the International Union for Conservation of Nature) it’s not surprising more needs to be done to make people aware.

The Wild Immersion experience debuts at the Cannes Film Festival this week, allowing attendees to experience the thrill of flying alongside flamingos, running with bison and chasing Siberian tigers using the Lenovo Mirage Solo. After the festival  The Wild Immersion will deliver its 360-degree VR experience to cities around the world.

The Wild Immersion - Mirage Solo

“We know these issues can seem remote to our daily lives. They’re complex, abstract and frankly can be depressing or overwhelming to read about. But we believe this important cause deserves a prominent world stage like the Cannes Film Festival, and that VR is an immersive technology that can be used for good — to promote environmental and habitat conservation,” states the team. “With the Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset and The Wild Immersion’s content, more people can now be transported to Earth’s most jaw-dropping natural landscapes of Amazon, Africa and Oceania and experience humanity’s collective loss — in immersive VR.”

If you happen to be at the festival you’ll find the VR video demos are held on Majestic Beach, at the Diversion Cinema corner. The VR experience will then travel to Paris, France and Shenzhen, China later this summer. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.