The Pixel Crushers to Debut Mobile AR Escape Room Experience ARia’s Legacy at E3 2018

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 only a couple of weeks away more developers are revealing some of the videogames they’ll have on show. While it’s difficult to tell how much augmented reality (AR) content will be there on indie studio from Toronto, Canada has confirmed it’ll be showcasing a new project. The Pixel Crushers will debut an AR escape room experience called ARia’s Legacy.

ARia's Legacy

In ARia’s Legacy: “You are part of a team of archaeologists excitedly looking for artifacts at your newest archaeological site,” states the official description. “Suddenly, your shovel strikes a chest that you quickly unearth with the help of various tools around you. But when you try to open it, you are seemingly thrown into a locked room that is at once familiar and eerily foreign to you.”

The Pixel Crushers has taken a slightly different approach to AR gameplay to other similar titles. Instead of displaying objects on a table in front of you, ARia’s Legacy creates a virtual environment around your physical space that has you walking around your room discovering parts that were never there before. The experience will immerse players in 50 different levels using a mobile phone or tablet as they uncover the story behind ARia’s sudden disappearance and discover her legacy.

ARia's Legacy GIF

Being an AR title players will be able to unlock puzzles at every angle, getting up close and personal with their surroundings in order to find hidden clues that will help them advance to the next room.

To add to the fun and expand your perspective when trying to figure out some of the more difficult puzzles ARia’s Legacy also features a co-operative mode that allows two mobile devices to link up for a wider view of the videogame. Both devices would need to purchase a copy of the title.

VRFocus will be at E3 2018 to get hands-on with ARia’s Legacy as well as all the other AR and VR titles there.