The Future is Bright, the Future is ManMade

At the end of this month indie developer CBILAB VR Studios will launch a Kickstarter campaign for its first virtual reality (VR) compatible title Manmade. In the run up to the funding campaign the studio has given VRFocus early access to a short demo and naturally we recorded a gameplay video so you can see ManMade’s gameplay in action.

ManMade image1

ManMade is set in a future society run by AI. The main character is a guy named Kaan who just so happens to be the AI developer that made it all happen. However, after some sort of accident that’s not been revealed just yet he’s now on the other side of the law and wants revenge.

The main videogame will have two playable characters, Kaan and another AI developer Anika, each have different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs bringing different aspects to the gameplay. For the demo you just get you play as Kaan, set inside one room of the company he used to work for. The room is a server/data centre of sorts, with massive banks of computers to wander through.

As ManMade is a detective style experience where you guide Kaan around looking for clues using his extra-sensory abilities you need find the correct server to hack, then escape. Hack the wrong one and the alarm is raised triggering a restart. You then repeat until successful.


If you want to learn more about what VRFocus thought of ManMade check out the preview which goes into a bit more cutting detail on the pluses and minuses of the early demo showcase.

The ManMade Kickstarter campaign will commence on 31st May, 2018. CBILAB VR Studios has yet to reveal what the backing tiers will be or the funding goal the team is hoping to achieve. For further coverage of ManMade, keep reading VRFocus.