Something For The Weekend: Mid May Oculus Deals

Another weekend and another entry in Something For The Weekend where VRFocus brings you a selection of some of the latest deals on virtual reality (VR) titles. This week, Oculus have a number of titles on offer for the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. As always, be sure to check back every weekend for even more deals right here on VRFocus.

Monzo VR-CoverArt

Monzo VR

If you are looking for a title this weekend to relax with then Monzo VR will be the one for you. This VR title puts players you into a relaxing environment when you are build highly detailed model kits at your own pace. Want to build a car? a World War 2 plane? How about a Da Vinci Paddle Boat? All of these and many more are able to be built within Monzo VR. Put each piece together, apply decals and paint and then enjoy your finished model in immersive VR.

Monzo VR is available now on Oculus Rift for £5.99 (GBP) down from £10.99.

Apex Construct

Apex Construct

“Despite some minor gripes, its clear that Apex Construct represents the way forward for VR videogames, an absorbing, intriguing experience that draws you in with a rich world complete with its own history and mysteries to be unravelled as well as a fluid combat system. Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR titles will be judged, and an indicator that VR has stepped up its game.” – Read VRFocus’ Starr Writer Rebecca Hills-Duty’s review of Apex Construct. 

Apex Construct is currently available for £15.99 (GBP) down from the usual £22.99 now on Oculus Rift.

Mervils A VR Adventure screenshot

Mervils: A VR Adventure

“Your quest begins in the picturesque countryside where you learn the history of the Mervil ancestors and of their one unspeakable enemy, “Balazar the Evil” who has not been seen in the Kingdom for centuries. You quickly discover that there are 5 vast Mervil Worlds to explore and that the Kingdom is protected by a magical force-field, upheld by the power of the Great Mervil Book. The magical strength of the Great Book has diminished and now at the time of greatest weakness, Balazar has plotted his return and seeks to destroy you and the rest of your people! It’s up to one brave hero, to collect the lost pages, rebind the Great Book, and defeat Balazar once and for all. Will that Mervil be you?”

Mervils: A VR Adventure is available now on Oculus Rift for £5.99 (GBP) down from £14.99.

Wheelchair Simulator VR

Wheelchair Simulator VR

Wheelchair Simulator is certainly one of the most innovative use cases for VR that’s recently launched. The core ‘obstacle course’ style gameplay is fun but can be a little shallow, repetitive and frustrating at points. However, being frustrated is almost the point of the experience, ViRa Games’ title is something to learn from, an experience that could really only work in VR and that opens your eyes and creates empathy for others. It would be great to see more videogames like this, putting you in the shoes of someone who wasn’t a powerful wizard or secret agent.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham’s review of Wheelchair Simulator VR.

Wheelchair Simulator VR is available now for £6.79 (GBP) on sale from the usual £7.99 for Oculus Rift.

Flappy VR

Flappy VR

Relive the hit title that was Flappy Bird in a VR spin of that core gameplay loop on Oculus Go. Play from the perspective of the bird and earn points by passing through the pipes, unlocking new maps and other items by earning medals. Do you have what it takes to earn the highest score and be the Flappy VR master?

Flappy VR is now only £1.49 (GBP) down from £2.29 on Oculus Go.

Ballooning Adventures

Ballooning Adventures

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon and explore a vast beautiful landscape. Take control of your hot air balloon and pilot your way through the scenery, finding all the secrets hidden throughout the three realms. Complete with an uplifting soundtrack that will accompany you during your journey, Ballooning Adventures is a relaxing experience that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Ballooning Adventures is available now on Oculus Go for £1.49 (GBP) down from £2.29.

The Purge Day

The Purge Day

If you would rather deal with an experience that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat then The Purge Day might be for you. When something strange happened causing the human civilization to almost all be dead, it falls down to Jack Bowman to save his wife and maybe even the world. Fight off against hordes of aliens in this first-person horror shooter that features a suspenseful story.

The Purge Day is currently £0.79 (GBP) down from £2.29 for Gear VR.

Romans from Mars 360 screenshot

Romans From Mars 360

“Though the gameplay may be all-too-familiar, Romans from Mars 360 features plenty of window dressing that makes it far more compelling. A full campaign allows you to replay a failed level while local leaderboards maintain statistics of the number of Martians killed, hidden treasures found and sheep rescued. As like many of the launch titles for the consumer edition of the Gear VR, Romans from Mars 360 isn’t about to set the world on fire. However, it is a thoroughly enjoyable first step into the world of virtual reality videogaming for those who choose to take it.” – Read VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce’s review of Romans From Mars 360.

Romans From Mars 360 is currently on sale for £0.79 (GBP) down from £2.29 for Gear VR.

The Invisible Hours screen5

The Invisible Hours

“A group of strangers receive a curious invitation from the enigmatic inventor, Nikola Tesla, offering each of them the chance to make amends for their darkest wrongdoings. When the last guest arrives at Tesla’s isolated mansion laboratory, they find him dead – murdered. Disgraced Swedish detective, Gustaf Gustav, vows to find the killer amongst the other guests: a blind butler, a convicted murderer, the world’s most famous actress, Tesla’s former assistant, the son of a wealthy railroad magnate, and rival inventor Thomas Edison. But none of these people are what they seem.”

The Invisible Hours is currently available for £7.99 (GBP) down from £29.99 for Oculus Rift.

Final Goalie: Football Simulator screenshot

Final Goalie: Football Simulator

“If you’re after a fun alternative to all of the first-person shooters (FPS) available on HTC Vive Final Goalie: Football Simulator certainly provides an outlet. There’s plenty to experience and it’s certainly a workout in long play sessions, but it can get repetitive as the basic challenge does essentially stay the same. If you’re happy wildly flailing your arms in VR, then Final Goalie: Football Simulator provides an enjoyable experience that’s suitable for everyone.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham’s review of Final Goalie: Football Simulator.

Final Goalie: Football Simulator is available for only £7.99 (GBP) right now on sale from £14.99 for Oculus Rift.

That is all for this week but remember that VRFocus gathers all the best sales and deals every week, so check back next weekend at the same time to discover more.