Seek Launches Mobile AR Creation Studio

As augmented reality (AR) becomes increasingly recognised and popular among consumers, there is a rise in the number of people wanting to bring their own original content into AR. AR startup company Seek is feeding into this demand with the launch of Seek Studio.

Seek Studio is a mobile AR creation studio which allows anyone with a smartphone to create AR experiences and share them with the world, without needing to learn complex computer code.

Seek provides users will templates that can be modified and built on to create simple but effective AR experiences. In one example, a user can select a photo from their smartphone memory and outline a potion of the image to convert it into a 3D object, then publish the result on Seek. From there, the result can be shared with friends and family over social media.

Companies and brands can use Seek to share 3D models of their products, which users can then experience using AR. Seek plans to launch Seek Studio with six templates, with new templates appearing on the platform over the coming months to gradually improve the complexity of the experiences that can be created.

For Amazon Sumerian creators, Seek Studio will come with publishing tools to allow amazon Sumerian users to publish AR experiences created in Sumerian directly to Seek, allowing them to become accessible to users worldwide.

“There are a lot of great AR experiences being created by developers today, but they can be a challenge to find,” said Eric Johnsen, Business Development Director, AR/VR, at Amazon Web Services. “Seek allows for quick and easy preview and publishing of an Amazon Sumerian AR experience in an existing mobile app. Our creators will love this!”

Jon Cheney, CEO and founder of Seek said, “By creating a central platform for AR, similar to what YouTube has done for video, Seek aims to speed up the adoption of AR technology by lowering the barriers to entry. Seek Studio is a crucial component of this system, allowing anyone with a smart phone to begin creating and sharing content.”

Further information on Seek is available on the official Seek website. For future news on new and upcoming VR and AR content and services, keep checking back with VRFocus.