Saving The Planet Is More Than Just A Game, As New Re.Group Educational Experience Explains

As the world searches for ways to clean up the planet and reduce the negative impact that humans are having, recycling remains one of the best ways we have of reducing pollution and waste. A collaborative project with creative agency Protein One and Rotor Studios aims to show the Australian public how recycling benefits them and the environment by utilising virtual reality (VR).

At the official opening of a new Recycling Discover Hub in the Australian Capital Territory, or ACT, visitors will be able to get a glimpse of what happens to the ‘yellow bin’ recycling that is collected from all over the ACT area by using VR technology.

Re.Group VR Recycling Experience

Using and Oculus Rift, users will be able to walkthrough a complete 3D recreation of the recycling facility, which has been brought into VR at exact scale. A realistic physics engine has been used to allow visitors, particularly children, to operate the machines in the facility and explore the processes that allow materials to be recycled into something that can be used again.

Children visiting the site will be able to virtually pick up and sort the trash and play a series of mini-games which are designed to be both educational and entertaining in order to demonstrate the impact recycling can have.

The ACT government and Re.Group who run the recycling facility hope that the interactivity and fun gameplay of the VR experience will help them engage with a new generation of school children about the importance of recycling it can have on Australia and the world.

The experience has been created by CG technology company Rotor Studios, who are best known for their work in visualisation for the automotive industry. Also working on the project is Protein One, a digital content agency who have won awards for their branded digital content.

Re.Group VR Recycling Experience

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