Rock Against Poverty Uses VR For Disaster Relief Planning

Charity initiative Rock Against Poverty has teamed up with two Australian-based start-up companies in order to utilise virtual reality (VR) and blockchain technology to ad in disaster relief and disaster recovery.

Rock Against Poverty notes that 2017 was the costliest year on record for natural disasters globally at $306 billion (USD). The Caribbean was particularly hard hit, with areas such as Dominica, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island still trying to recover.

In a bid to assist in raising funding to help with disaster recovery, Rock Against Poverty will be hosting 50 concerts in 25 countries which have been affected by disasters in order to raise as much as $1 billion. This money will be utilised for disaster mitigation, recovery and poverty alleviation projects.

The British Virgin Islands Climate Change Trust Fund and Rock Against Poverty met with representatives of Australian start-up technology firm Metavents where a presentation was shown regarding using VR and blockchain to assist in planning and funding for Disaster Risk Projects which are planned for the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Metavents have developed a platform that allows for remote, real-time project planning using 3D VR visualisation and simulation. The simulation allowed for the Rock Against Poverty team to collaborate with local stakeholders on the British Virgin Islands without the need for expensive trips to the location.

Metavents Founder, Joel de Ross said: “2018 is dedicated to identifying projects to support, creating awareness and securing initial funding. We are actively seeking values aligned partners, sponsors and ambassadors who can contact us through our website. Rock Against Poverty is a great example of the practical application of Virtual Reality. We expect to put mobile VR in the hands of at least half a million people in 2019 which should boost adoption of the technology.”

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