QooCam Is Kandao Technology’s New 4K 360-Degree Camera, Already Funded On Kickstarter

Kandao Technology have recently launched a Kickstarter for this new product, the QooCam. This is the world’s first interchangeable consumer camera with three fisheye lenses, allowing for 4K video recording and 360-degree virtual reality (VR) capture.

QooCam features

The QooCam features groundbreaking refocusing, cinematic stabilization and an intuitive editing tool. This is complete with a unique switchable structure of three fisheye lenes, allowing for two different shooting modes. The first, “360 mode”, allows use to capture a scene from all direction easily in 4K resolutions. Thanks to the real-time optical flow stitching algorithm, users can get the perfect stitching for their 360-degree photos and videos directly on their smartphone. When the structure of the QooCam is switch, users can then capture in 180-degree front facing video in “stereo mode” and create truly immersive photos and videos.

“We want people to experience the new ways of imaging, from 360° to VR180 introduced by Google, and that’s why we develop QooCam to push the technology to become part of life,” said Dan Chen, Kandao Founder and CEO. “With QooCam, you can experience 3D 180° or 360° filming in one product, recording and sharing life in an immersive and innovative way.”

One of the standout features of the QooCam is the depth mapping technology that the camera uses to generate the special refocusing feature, which was a feature first introduced on the companies professional-grade cameras last year. With this, users are able take their footage and simply tap on the subjects in different distance to create a bokeh effect, enhancing the subject in focus. The result is an image that has stunning depth-of-field regardless of how the image was taken.

QooCam Depth

The impressive technology also continues into other features of the QooCam including the real-time stabilization software that dramatically reduces shake and rolling shutter effect. Users will be able to capture stable and smooth shots meaning recording during motion is not a problem for the QooCam, which is more than suitable for filming at high speeds. Elsewhere, users will be able to make use of an intuitive editing app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to output 360-degree VR experience to share on social platforms directly from their device.

The QooCam from Kandao Technology is currently on Kickstarter and, at the time of writing, is already funded. A few spots remain to pick up the product at the early bird price of $299 (USD) which, when gone, will leave only the twin pack available at $578 (USD) for two QooCam’s. It is unclear if more backer tiers will be make available seeing as the project is already way ahead of its funding target with just short of a month still to go.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the QooCam from Kandao Technology in future, so stay tuned for more.