Play Your own Virtual World Cup When Turbo Soccer VR Hits HTC Vive

Aside from the Olympic Games, one of the next big sporting events is the World Cup, which is due to take place this summer. It can be a momentus achievement for a lot of countries to make it through and be selected, let alone get anywhere near the final. And for football fans looking to get into the spirit of the event Dodo4Story Games will be releasing Turbo Soccer VR for HTC Vive.

TurboSoccerVR image1

Originally announced last month, the studio has now released a new trailer for the upcoming title, showcasing the videogames’ development. This second trailer is actually identical in terms of its layout to the first, but if you happen to look at both together you’ll see graphical improvements in the second version.

The new video looks significantly cleaner and more polished. The grass is now a vibrant green with actual texture, rather than just a slab of dark striped greens. The players have more detail to them, and so do the crowd-filled stands, adding up to a more realistic experience for players.

At launch Turbo Soccer VR will come with several gameplay modes, so you can play as a midfielder, be a pro penalty taker or try your hand a being a goalie. Supporting HTC Vive, players will need to own a couple of Vive Trackers to strap to their feet, if not then they won’t be able to kick anything.

TurboSoccerVR image2

Additional modes will include Tournament, where players will face the best national teams from around the world and the ability to recreate plays from most famous games.

Turbo Soccer VR will be released soon on PC. Dodo4Story Games will also be making a non-VR version for Android and iOS devices called Turbo Soccer. If you can’t wait for Turbo Soccer VR then there’s always Cherrypop Games’ VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. For any further updates to Turbo Soccer VR, keep reading VRFocus.