Oculus Medium Debuts New ‘Making the Monster’ Documentary

Last month at the annual Monsterpalooza convention, the largest one dedicated to the craft of special effects in film and entertainment, Oculus Medium revealed an incredible collaborative showpiece sculpt and today, a short documentary about the piece has been released showcasing how virtual reality (VR) was used to build the piece.

Making the Monster

Oculus Medium were at Monsterpalooza with a number of live VR sculpting performances and a series of 3D prints that brought some stunning creatures to life in the real-world. The collaborative showpiece featured within the documentary was designed by concept artist Carlos Huante, modeled by Oculus Medium’s very own Gio Nakpil with 3D printing, molding, and casting by Christopher Dombos of Arcane Visionaries; and detailed painting provided by Tim Gore.

The short documentary titled “Making the Monster” explores the process behind how the team of four VFX legends incorporated Oculus Medium into their workflow allowing them to bring the design to life. The sculpt was the result of several months of work and the final piece stands an impressive two feet tall.

Making the Monster

“I found that Medium is actually the perfect medium for achieving his style of design in CG. Where my hands are to where the surface is, is very immediate. You know, the mark that I do is on the surface, just like clay. In the end, we’ll have this piece that, you know, stems from Carlos’s design, my model, Chris [Dombos]’s engineering to print, and Tim [Gore]’s masterful paint.” Gio Nakpil says in the video.

Oculus Medium is of course a collaborative application that allows users a tool set in which to sculpt, model, paint, and creative tangible objects all within a VR environment. What also makes Oculus Medium such a powerful tool is that users can invite another to their work space and work together on assets within virtual space together, collaborating on the creation process from start to end.

“Carlos has a distinct style with all his colors and his lighter flesh in the belly, which is typical with insects, and it’s got a little buggy crab thing going on, but it was an honor to work with Oculus and with Carlos.” Tim Gore adds in the video.

You can see the full documentary “Making the Monster” from Oculus Medium below and for more stories like this in the future, keep reading VRFocus.