Microsoft HoloLens Sales Figures Revealed

A presentation by Alex Kipman lifts the lid on how well the mixed reality device has been selling.

While sales figures are not the entire story when it comes to how successfully, or unsuccessful, a product or idea is, they can reveal much about the prevailing audience attitude, and should be studied along with other factors such as price. This information is now available regarding the Microsoft HoloLens, which could provide an insight into the state of the mixed reality (MR) market.

Microsoft have been somewhat cagey about the exact sales figures for the Microsoft HoloLens, but a video presentation by Alex Kipman has finally revealed just how many of the devices have been sold.

Studio 216 HoloLens Seattle

During the video presentation, a narrator says that roughly 50,000 HoloLens devices have been sold. More precisely, the narrator delivers the following line: “The technology is still in the development stages. Microsoft says that about 50,000 copies have been sold so far, but many believe in the potential of these smartglasses.”

The figure is not particularly impressive, and has yet to be directly confirmed by Microsoft themselves, but as other experts and analysts have noted, it is important to put in content.

Firstly, the HoloLens has still not been released for general commercial sale. The currently available version is essentially a development version, only purchasable by mixed reality developers, educational institutions and businesses.

Secondly, the cost has to be taken into account. The HoloLens is priced at $3,000 (USD), which is a large amount of money for a single device which by most metrics has yet to produce a ‘killer app’. Many businesses would be tempted to choose a lower-cost way into immersive technology.

Thirdly, there is a new version of the HoloLens in development. The current HoloLens comes with some glaring flaws, chiefly among them is its limited field-of-vision, something which Microsoft is aiming to improve with the next iteration. With this in mind, many potential users might be holding off left they end up purchasing a product which will soon become obsolete.

The figures may be unconfirmed officially, but nonetheless present a yardstick for measuring the future success of any other MR devices that come on to the market. VRFocus will be sure to report on those as the news comes in.

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