Media Molecule’s Dreams to Feature Launch Day Support for PlayStation VR

One of the big titles set to make a splash at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 next month is Media Molecules’ Dreams. Having previously created titles like LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway Unfolded, Dreams will not only boast a single-player campaign but also a ‘create mode’ for players to design their own experiences. Virtual reality (VR) compatibility was confirmed several months ago but not for launch. Now it seems as though that’s no longer the case.


Several websites have released previews of Dreams today, with PSU.com reporting that Dreams will in fact support PlayStation VR on launch day rather than as a future update. This has been further validated by Media Molecule retweeting the websites story tweet.

Officially announced during E3 2015, Dreams caught the attention of press and players alike due its gorgeous visual style  and the fact that players will be able to create and share their own ‘Dreams’. Dreams is essentially a fully featured game creation engine that PlayStation 4 users will be able to dive into and let their imagination run riot. While the creation side of Dreams will be its main selling point, Media Molecule built a campaign inside the title itself to showcase what could be achieved.

At present Media Molecule has only confirmed that PlayStation VR will support the ‘Create mode’ rather than the campaign itself. So VR users will still be able to build their own worlds and share them with the Dreams community.


Currently, the studio has yet to reveal an actual launch date for Dreams. but Media Molecule has already confirmed there will be a beta for Dreams happening later this year. A date reveal will most likely happen during E3 2018 which is only three weeks away. If it does happen, VRFocus will let you know, plus as always we’ll be at the event to bring you all the latest VR news.