Make Mutineers Walk The Plank in A Tale of Pirates: A Dummy Mutiny

While you might think that sailing around the seas of the Caribbean, looking ships, digging up buried treasure and drinking rum sounds like an ideal career choice, its surprisingly difficult to find good help when you are a pirate captain, and in A Tale of Pirates: A Dummy Mutiny, even the dummy crew are staging a revolt.

Developer Studio Clangore have opted for a decidedly wacky and ridiculous tone for its pirate-themed virtual reality shooter, in which a pirate crew made up of literal dummies are trying my mutiny against their rightful captain- you.

A Tale of Pirates

In this wave shooter, you are a pirate captain, marauder of the seven seas who has to face down a mutiny by your crew of dummies, who have decided to turn their bloodthirsty nature against you in bid to take over.

Armed with a pair of flintlock pistols, you’ll need to master your aiming skills in order to maximise your point score. Points are awarded for every dummy who is taken down, with a bonus for impressive distances, headshots or combos. It’s even possible to deflect the projectiles of your traitorous crew back at them for an extra special bonus.

The gameplay is mission-based, with different goals available in the five different scenarios that are available. Once each scenario is unlocked, they can be replayed at any time by visiting the captain’s cabin.

An online leaderboard is available, so players can test their skills against friends, or aim to get to the top to challenge the best piratical marksmen in the world.

A Tale of Pirates

A Tale of Pirates: A Dummy Mutiny is available on Steam, compatible with the HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality devices, currently priced at £7.71 (GBP), a 25% discount on the usual price of £10.29. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

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