Live The Dream Of Policing The Roads In Traffic Cop VR

Direct traffic, avoid road rage, eat donuts and even fight aliens.

Brian Bobik in collaboration with Waden Kane Game Studios has announced a new virtual reality (VR) title that will bring the experience of working as a traffic cop in the 1950’s to players today. Traffic Cop VR will put players in the shoes of a rookie cop who must prove them self at the city’s busiest intersection where unpredictable drivers roam and move up the levels to unlock mini-games.

Traffic Cop VR

Players will need to make use of their time management, critical thinking, and strategy in order to be an effective traffic cop as the challenge of managing a busy intersection becomes clear. Players will move traffic along efficiently, survive the day and of course protect the citizens from whatever might occur. Things will start off slow as players will just need to manage the traffic even if there are unpredictable drivers, speeders and much more to deal with. From here, the job of being a traffic cop will soon become more clear.

Drivers are known to express road rage so try to avoid collisions and delays where possible otherwise you will be the subject of their angry. They will throw various food items at you while you work which will need to be avoided or caught, to then throw back at the rude drivers to gain bonus points. The choice is always down to the player though and the higher the score you get the more mini-games you will unlock. This even includes coming face-to-face with an alien attack that will see the humble traffic cop grab arms and fight back. After all, they are stopping the flow of traffic.

Traffic Cop VR

Brian Bobik, the create mind behind Traffic Cop VR, explains the idea for the title by saying: “Traffic Cop VR is a silly idea that popped into my head while sitting at a red light. I had just found out that the most popular VR game was called Job Simulator. I joked to my girlfriend, ‘If a game based in a cube farm was so much fun, what could be more ridiculous than that?…..being a Traffic Cop!’ Within an hour, I was making a list of game play and on the hunt for a developer.”

Traffic Cop VR will be available via Steam later this month for the HTC Vive for $19.99 (USD) with plans to bring the title to Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR in the near future already confirmed.

You can see the trailer for the title below and VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the title in the future so keep reading for more.

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