Lenovo Mirage Solo and Mirage Camera Available now

Standalone virtual reality (VR) is aimed at filling a market gap, offering a bridge between the high-end but expensive headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and the convenience of mobile VR. The Daydream-powered Lenovo Mirage Solo was announced back in January, and now users will be able to order one for themselves.

The release of the Lenovo Mirage Solo was announced by Vice President of Virtual and Augmented Reality at Google, Clay Bavor in a blog post where he revealed that users would be able to buy a bundle containing the Lenovo Mirage Solo along with the VR180 camera.

Mirage Solo

The headset has been designed to offer comfort for long sessions within VR, and unlike the Oculus Go features inside-out positional tracking powered by WorldSense, which Bavor says offers PC-quality positional tracking without any needs for external sensors.

There are over 350 videogames and apps available for the Lenovo Mirage Solo, with the WorldSense tracking enabling some additional gameplay elements in some titles. Over 70 titles in the library make use of the WorldSense technology, including: Blade Runner: Revelations Extreme Whiteout, Narrows, BBC Earth Live in VR, Fire Escape, EQQO, Eclipse: Edge of Light, Virtual Virtual Reality, Merry Snowballs, and Rez Infinite.

Google also worked with Lenovo to develop the Mirage VR180 camera. The camera is designed with a simple ‘point and shoot’ usability in mind, and the images captured are fully compatible with the Lenovo Mirage Solo headset, to let users relive those captured moments. Support for the VR180 camera is also built in to Google photos so users will be easily able to share captured video with friends and family without them needing a special device.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo headset will be priced at $399 (USD), while the bundle along with the Lenovo VR180 camera will cost $649.98. Further information can be found on the Lenovo website.

Mirage Camera

Further news on the Lenovo Mirage Solo and other standalone VR headsets will be reported here on VRFocus.