Learn to Garden Wasteland Style in Fruit for the Village

This week Eerie Bear Games has launched its next virtual reality (VR) via Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Fruit for the Village. A survival style experience where you have to grow plants in order to keep feeding hungry villagers, VRFocus has recorded one of its awesome gameplay videos to let you see this gardening experience in action.

Fruit for the Village screenshot

Action is probably the wrong word to use when describing Fruit for the Village, sedentary and repetitive are closer to the gameplay experience this provides.

Fruit for the Village is set in the far flung future where mankind has screwed up the planet turning it into a dust bowl. Humanity is now scattered across this wasteland, living together in small villages trying to survive. You play a nomadic wanderer who just so happens to decide to help this community they’ve come across by growing food in a cave.

The challenge is to keep the ever hungry villagers fed by building your garden, growing plants and well that’s pretty much it. This isn’t gardening Viva Pinata style either. To hand are single pots or the more expensive quad pots. You’ll notice each pot has three pieces of what look like wood attached to them, these are in fact xylophone’s which you play to make the plants grow. And to help you in your endeavour you can also buy auto-growers once you have multiple pots.

Fruit for the Village screenshot

As you feed the village and you’ll have to grow more plants to keep up. As you do so costs go up so you have to balance buying more equipment with saving up enough cash to send the food to the village.

Check out the gameplay video below to see how VRFocus got on in the early stages of Fruit for the Village, and what’s required to be successful. As Eerie Bear Games continues developing for VR, VRFocus will keep you updated.