Kaon Interactive Supporting The Mirage Solo With B2B Experiences, Lenovo Comments

"Kaon Interactive continues to lead the VR adoption race in the B2B space."

Businesses can be categorised under two specific headings. The first is Business to Consumer or B2C, here the business offers a product or service directly to the end users and a transaction is made between the two. The opposite of this is Business to Business (B2B). In this instance a company doesn’t make something for the end user, instead making a transaction with another business usually for the purpose of the second business to create or supply their product or service. Think of it as a B2C company being a baker, with the B2B company being the suppliers of the ingredients.

Kaon Interactive

One such B2B firm is Kaon Interactive. The software design company has been very proactive in regards to virtual reality (VR) and has recently commented on its partnership with Google and Lenovo. How it is bringing its enterprise-focused apps and experiences – the company itself namechecks virtual data centres, diagnostics laboratories and virtual 3D product tours – created for commercial business partners such as Cisco, IBM, GE, Siemens, Dell EMC, Abbott and BD to the recently released Lenovo Mirage Solo, the world’s first standalone Daydream VR headset.

“Both Google and Lenovo’s continuing breakthroughs in deploying virtual reality to mainstream devices have empowered our customers to connect with their prospects and customers on a deeper emotional level.” Says President & CEO of Kaon Interactive, Gavin Finn, in a statement. “Our partnerships with Google and Lenovo have truly disrupted the way that customers learn about products and solutions through the sales process. This has increased global user adoption of our innovative sales and marketing VR applications, resulting in customers who are passionate about what our solutions do for their business.”

Lenovo Mirage Solo with DaydreamIt was praise that Lenovo was happy to return. “We are in awe of the work that Kaon is doing in the enterprise,” commented Gunjan Shah, Lenovo’s General Manager for North America Connected & Smart Devices. “They produce extremely compelling immersive storytelling solutions and interactive 3D product tours – which are deployed seamlessly in virtual reality on the Lenovo Mirage Solo – that are elevating customer engagement, increasing knowledge retention and helping B2B prospects and customers to truly understand competitive value differentiation.”

Back in March we brought you news of how Kaon was utilising augmented reality (AR) to allow businesses and customers a chance to see a product solution in physical space with the release of 3D AR scenes.  While January brought with it news of the company adding VR experiences to its Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform. Something that has utilised both Oculus Rift and Google Daydream.

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