Japanese Title Tokyo Chronos Announced for PlayStation VR, Steam VR, and Oculus Headsets

Being very secretive and low key, Japanese virtual reality (VR) developer MyDearest and Sekai Project have released the first teasing details about a multiplatform experience called Tokyo Chronos.

Tokyo Chronos

Billed as a ‘VR mystery adventure’, Tokyo Chronos involves a story where time has stopped and eight friends are trapped inside. Over time each on seems to go missing.

As reported by Gematsu, the official synopsis reads:

  • For how long, and why, have the been separated?
    A group of eight who were friends since childhood.
    The time came for the mystery to be revealed.
    Time stopped, and the eight were trapped in a Shibuya where no one else existed.
    In an unusual space where one person disappears at a time.

— I died. Who is the culprit?

Other than that the only other information to go on at this time is the headset support which is quite expansive. Tokyo Chronos will be released on PlayStation VR, HTC VIve, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. Plus it’ll support English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Tokyo Chronos

A launch window has been confirmed for December 2018, with further information due to be released during the Anime Expo 2018 on 5th July in Los Angeles, California.

Currently there’s a teaser website for Tokyo Chronos displaying a counter, as well as a development blog (in Japanese) that goes into more details about the creators of Tokyo Chronos. When more details surface in July, VRFocus will keep you updated.