Health & Technology District Creates New XR Lab To Embrace Emerging Technologies

Offering a full suite of mixed reality equipment to help bring immersive healthcare solutions to life.

The Health and Technology District, in collaboration with Conquer Experience and Stambol Studios, have announced that they are launching a new XR Lab. The demo studio will be used to leverage virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) and other emerging exponential technologies to inspire future healthcare collaborations.

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Located within the District’s HealthTech Innovation Hub in Surrey, British Columbia, the new dedicated XR Lab offers full equipped VR ready workspace where companies can gain access to exciting opportunities for immersive experiences and technologies. There are also shared spaces and facilities, workshops, programs and a whole suite of business services available on site as part of the HealthTech Innovation Hub’s amenity offerings.

Those who use the XR Lab will have the opportunity to co-locate with innovative thought leaders, helping to build and inspire creative health and wellness collaborations that will in turn spawn ideas for new, real-world healthcare solutions. With the facilities on offer, users will have the full support to turn these ideas into reality and see what applications can be found within the world of immersive technologies.

“The new XR LAB is a new venture and a natural fit for Conquer as we rebrand and transition into new markets leveraging our core virtual reality strengths and successes,” says Angela Robert, CEO and Co-Founder of Conquer Experience, formerly Conquer Mobile. “BC is at the forefront of innovative technologies and Surrey has a rapidly growing health and technology presence. The XR LAB and the resources at the HealthTech Innovation HUB will help advance health-tech innovations and further the successes of companies within the District.”

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The new XR Lab also builds upon Conquer Experience and Stambol Studios’ BC-built VR successes, attracting businesses, entrepreneurs and emerging start-ups to take full advantage of the equipment that is now available to them. The XR Lab complements the Health and Technology District’s unique ecosystem that supports the collaboration, experimentation and innovation within the health care sector. By using new technologies and co-working spaces to encourage new thinking and solutions to be developed, the goal is to hopefully become a industry leader in providing new solutions to the sector.

“We are pleased to partner with the Health and Technology District and Conquer Experience to showcase our mixed reality technologies and applications related to the District,” says Dogu Taskiran, CEO of Stambol Studios. “Immersive mixed reality technologies can provide creative solutions and bring to life various environments that benefit a variety of industries, including healthcare. We look forward to creating applications that will further innovate the health and wellness space utilizing various exponential technologies.”

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the new XR Lab in the future, along with updates on the Health and Technology District, Conquer Experience and Stambol Studios, so stay tuned for more.

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