Gungrave VR Confirmed for Western PlayStation VR Release

The long awaited European release of Gungrave VR is now official.

Marvelous Europe has today announced two new titles coming to Europe, the motion-controlled rhythm videogame Gal Metal on Nintendo Switch and, more importantly, the high octane virtual reality (VR) shooter Gungrave VR for PlayStation VR. Both titles are scheduled for 2018 releases, with XSEED handling the publishing and distribution in North America.

Gungrave VR screenshot

Gungrave VR continues the story of the illustrious Gungrave franchises. Following the battle against the Orgmen – creatures transformed by the mysterious drug, SEED – Mika Asagi has tracked the manufacturing of the narcotic (along with a whole new Orgman infestation) to South City. With the city streets overrun by these newly formed creatures, Mika requests the assistance of Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), waking him from 14 years of rest after his previous battle. She hopes for him to use his power to help rid the city streets of the Orgman threat and stop the flow of SEED once and for all.

In Gungrave VR, players take control of Grave with his iconic set of dual guns, Cerberus, and will have to master different play styles to take down the various foes that stand in his way. Levels consist either of free-moving third-person gameplay or first-person action that includes both stationary and mobile sections, offering players a variety of gameplay modes to help put them in the shoes of the resurrected Millennion agent himself.

With an array of shooting attacks, close-range strikes using Grave’s coffin, Bullet Time, and more, Gungrave VR brings an authentic Gungrave experience to VR for the first time later this year.

Gungrave VR made its debut in Japan in December 2017, and has obviously found success in expanding on the franchise. The Japanese launch included editions for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well as PlayStation VR, and while there’s currently no sign of a PC edition in Europe or North America the news of a launch for the PlayStation 4 will certainly be welcomed by fans of the Gungrave franchise.

Gungrave VR screenshotAside from the Japanese release, no hands-on opportunities have yet been made available for Gungrave VR. VRFocus has contacted Marvelous Europe to discuss a potential debut of the title at next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and shall report back with any updates.

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