Get Creative as CoolPaintrVR Dated for PlayStation VR Release

For those that like to get creative in virtual reality (VR) PC-based headsets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have an abundance of apps available, with the most well known being titles like Google’s Tilt Brush or Oculus’ Medium and Quill. Yet for PlayStation VR owners there’s a noticeable lack of content in this genre, but that’s about to change with the release of CoolPaintrVR. 


Developed by Sngular Entertainment the app is very similar to that of Tilt Brush, offering a range of tools and brushes for users to create the own designs. From standard paint strokes to tubes, geometric primitive shapes and particle emitters, CoolPaintrVR looks to offer everything a digital artist needs to build a scene or create a character. Users can even load reference images to work from if needed.

The developer also worked with Wildbit Studios and its RTSE technology to allow artists to create a 3D model from a hand-drawn shape. The model will have its own skeleton that can be manipulated, bone by bone, for that perfect stance.

While designed to be simple to use CoolPaintrVR also has several advanced features and techniques including Symmetry plane, alternate colours randomly with each stroke, and exporting designs to a USB device to load into third party 3D programs.


As you’d expect CoolPaintrVR  supports PlayStation VR’s Move controllers as the most natural way of painting. If you don’t happen to own the motion controllers then the app does support DualShock 4, although how well this works in relation to PlayStation Move is another matter.

Supporting English as well as Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese languages, CoolPaintrVR will be released on 9th May 2018 via PlayStation Store. Sngular Entertainment has also begun work on a dedicated website where it hopes to foster a community of creative minds to share their creations. For any further updates from the studio, keep reading VRFocus.