FaceCake Release Augmented Reality Shopping App For Jewelry

Allowing customers to try before they buy in a whole new way.

Augmented reality (AR) shopping platform innovator, FaceCake, has introduced a new application that allows users to experience a range of earrings before purchasing any they like the look of. Dubbed Dangle AR, the iOS mobile application offers a whole new way for digital shoppers to experience earrings.

FaceCake Marketing Technologies

Dangle allows shoppers to find the ideal pair of earrings thanks to proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to offer relative sizing and placement of the selected earrings, which are then virtually placed onto the users ears thanks to AR technology. This try before you buy experience works in real-time, allowing the customer to feel as though they are just looking into a mirror, exploring the numerous option available to them.

“With Dangle people can shop for earrings easily and with confidence, virtually trying them on to see how the actual size of the latest styles look on them, not just on a model or in a product image,” says FaceCake founder and CEO Linda Smith. “This delivers the personalization shoppers are looking for.”


Dangle features a curated set of statement earrings which have been picked from some of the hottest brands on the market today, with gemstones and metals that shine and sparkle in stunning, photorealistic detail. This ensures that users get an immersive experience that offers real world movement, physics and lighting on a mobile device. The app also allows users the chance to wear celebrity red carpet styles and receive recommendations with FaceCake’s Visual Search to “Get the Look for Less”, allowing shoppers to find and purchase similar earrings.

Packed full of features and a wide range of earrings, shoppers are sure to find the Dangle app a great addition to their mobile device not only for trying out the latest in earrings, but also as a means to find new ideas for outfits. With new products continuously being added and collections being sorted by Dangle, customers will be sure to always find something new. Once more, sharing the earrings with friends to get their input is made super easy thanks to the Dangle app and helps to create the feeling of a day out shopping with friends all within a mobile device.

Dangle is available to download now from the iOS app store and for more on Dangle in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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