DigiLens Announces New Two-Layer AR Display For Smart Helmets

DigiLens Inc, the Silicon Valley-based company that is working to revolutionize augmented reality (AR) displays have announced their highly anticipated two-layer AR waveguide display. Dubbed the MonoHUD, it is a thinner and lighter display that can be manufactured at a much faster rate and at a lower cost resulting in impressive affordability. The MonoHUD display will be used within smart helmets to provide motocycyle and bike riders with distraction-free content directly into their line of sight.



The smart helmet application of the MonoHUD display will mean that riders have access to information such as their bike speed, gear change, fuel and oil level status and more all within their line of sight. The information that can be monitored will be different for cycle and motorcycle bikes but both will be able to take advantage of map and route data, including real-time accident warnings, music and other non-distractive smartphone applications without the need to touch or look at the device.

With the new two-layer design, which replaces the original three-layer design, DigiLens will be using a new inkjet coating manufacturing process with significantly increase throughput. Both the innovation in the design and manufacturing process will lead to more parts from the manufacturing line, higher contrast and less cost compared with the last model. The high efficiency of the DigiLens waveguidle ensure riders are able to see with crystal-clear clarity along with digital content that is easy and clear even in bright outdoor environments.

“The increased quality of the two-layer display and the reduction in manufacturing complexity is crucial for our customers,” said DigiLens CEO Chris Pickett. “It lowers the production costs and allows them to get product to market quicker. We are already seeing several innovative use cases like motorcycle HUDs and are seeking developers to show us what’s next.”


Young Optics, a leading display manufacturer, is one of the first to license the Digilens MonoHUD and will be soon supplying it at high volume. Likewise, Sena, a industry leader in Bluetooth communications for motorcycle and action sports, is working with Young Optics to integrate the DigiLens display and its communication system into helmets to allow rides to view their phone and dash information directly through the display.

“We are proud to be working with the world’s top motorcycle and technology manufacturers in order to create innovative and cutting-edge solutions,” said Sena CEO Tae Kim. “By offering the MonoHUD display alongside our premium Bluetooth technology, we are giving riders a safe and next-generation riding experience and look forward to our continued work with Young Optics and DigiLens.”

The MonoHUD AR display makes use of full colour, nHD image resolution and an unobscured user field-of-view of 105 degrees, with an AR display field-of-view of 25 degrees diagonal. With a maximum brightness of 8,000 nits and up to eight hours battery life, it is one of DigiLens biggest achievements to date. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the MonoHUB AR display in the future so stay tuned for more.