DataView VR Release 1.0 Version of Analytical Tool

Statistics and analytics contain a great deal of information, and the vast majority of businesses utilise statics analysis software for a variety of uses, from checking on profit margins to keeping an eye on quality control. Statistics are at their most useful when they are easy to understand in a glance, which is what virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) software firm DataView VR is hoping to provide using VR technology.

DataView VR have announced the 1.0 version of its VR and AR software platform for immersive, multi-dimensional data visualisation tools.

DataView VR’s software allows complex datasets to be transformed into immersive visualisations. This means that a large number of variables can be mapped to different attributes of physical objects, so the complex relationships between them can be more easily and quickly understood.

Founder Andy Maggio states: “DataView VR’s technologies allow data users across many industries to develop faster and more powerful insights, transforming data presentation with immersive visualizations that facilitate more immediate connection and understanding. From the input we have received from our various Beta users, DataView is particularly useful when exploring complicated, multi-variable relationships.”

DataView VR joins companies such as VR and AR data analysis start-up Virtualitics, who last year secured a $3 million (USD) investment to continue its development of a VR/Ar software platform that uses machine learning to create a ‘smart mapping’ solution that presents data in a readable way.

Adobe also recently announced a business and marketing analytics tool called Project NewView that uses a VR display to show a 3D interactive globe to display global user mapping, instead of a traditional flat 2D map.

Adobe Project New View

As VR and AR create new ways of seeing and interacting with the environment, it can be expected that many new products utilising this technology for data analysis will become available. VRFocus will continue to keep you up to date.