ASPEED Announces Spherical Image Processor for 360-Degree Video

The popularity of 360-degree video has exploded over the past year, with companies, brands and individuals exploring how 360-degree videos can be used to capture events and create immersive experiences. ASPEED Technology is seeking to make creating 360-degree videos even easier with its new spherical image processor.

Though there are an almost bewildering array of different types of 360-degree cameras on the market, ranging from small, inexpensive personal camera to large, professional rigs, almost all of them need a separate device to stick together the footage. The Cupola360 processor is set to change that.

At present, even though a camera may have many lenses for capturing footage, another device such as a smartphone or PC is usually required to stitch the different sections of footage into a coherent whole, which can cause problems for some users and slow down production.

ASPEED have utilised its knowledge of system-on-a-chip architecture to produce the Cupola360, which features six big-pixel sensors to allow stitching and post-processing to occur within the camera in real-time, without need for another device.

“There is no denying that in the future, people will relive precious moments in life via virtual reality consisting of 360-degree images,” said Chris Lin, chairman and president of ASPEED. “Therefore, we believe that a spherical camera will soon become a must-have device in every household. ASPEED expects to surprise the public with Cupola360 spherical image processor, so that people can experience first-hand how snappy, convenient and useful a 360-degree camera is in their daily lives.”

The Cupola360 processor allows for up to 4K 360-degree video resolution and can be used in low-light or night-time conditions. The processor also comes equipped with a 3D anti-shake function to ensure image stability, even when running.

ASPEED Technologies will be showcasing the Cupola360 at Computex Taipei on 5th-9th June, 2018 in Booth No L1032, Taipei Nangeng Exhibition Centre. Further information on the Cupola360 can be found on the official website.

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