Amazon Sumerian Is Now Generally Available

A new part of Amazon Web Services was announced back in 2017, called Amazon Sumerian, and effort to create a platform that can allow anyone to create a fully-featured virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) experiences. That service has now gone into general availability.

Amazon Sumerian allows users to create realistic VR environments and scenes without needing to learn how to code or learn complex tools for 3D modelling or animation.

Once these scenarios are created they can be deployed across many platforms without having to use specialist deployment systems and processes. Sumerian contains a web-based editor that allows for the creation of professional-quality VR scenes along with a visual scripting tool that lets users control how objects or characters move, react and respond. The service also interfaces with other Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Lex, Polly, AWS Lambda, AWS IoT and Amazon DynamoDB.

The Sumerian service was designed to work on multiple platforms, and VR or AR apps created through Sumerian will work in browsers that support WebGL or WebVR as well as on VR devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or devices that support ARKit and ARCore.

Amazon have been working with a number of customers to test out Sumerian and create some proof of concept projects n order to test a number of different use cases, such as employee training, educational simulations, brand engagement, virtual concierge and design and creative applications.

Early demonstrations of Sumerian involved a drag-and-drop editor, a 3D object library and a script editor for setting up automated scenes and a system for AI hosts which can have simple conversations with players who enter the VR experiences, similar to AI assistants or chat bots.

For further information on Amazon Sumerian users can visit the Amazon Sumerian home page and browse the extensive collection of tutorials that are available. For future news and updates on Amazon Sumerian, keep checking back with VRFocus.