AiSolve Launch New WePlayVR Title Clock Tower

AiSolve recently spoke to VRFocus about its work on location-based virtual reality (VR) products and services, concentrating on its WePlayVR service. The company has announced that the latest title to be added to its VR library is Clock Tower and it is about to be launched in the UK alongside a new WePlayVR arena.

Clock Tower is the third title in the WePlayVR videogame catalogue, though no relation to the classic survival horror series. Instead, Clock Tower is an interactive puzzle platformer where the player is placed inside a mysterious clockwork factory full of secrets to discover, and certain tasks that need to be completed before time runs out.

To accompany the launch of Clock Tower, AiSolve is also introducing its new multiplayer WePlayVR arena. The new arena features a new design with an enlarged play space of 4.4m as well as four motion seats which allows four players inside and four outside, bringing the total capacity up to eight.

The original 3x3m WePlayVR arena has also seen a redesign to add four motion seats on the outside allowing for up to six players in total. AiSolve’s title Alien Invasion is compatible with both versions of the arena, providing venues with options to consider.

The motion seats will be compatible with AiSolve’s upcoming title Rodent Rage, a multiplayer seated VR racing title that allows players to feel motion feedback that is synchronised to the VR experience in the headset for a more immersive experience.

A new leaderboard system has also been added, letting players compare scores with friends locally or compete with players all over the world. AiSolve have created the WePlayVR line of products for entertainment centres, shopping malls, museums and science centres.

A rapid roll-out across North America, Europe and the Middle East is planned, and Clock Tower will soon be shipped to WePlayVR arenas through the AiSolve platform.

The teaser trailer for Clock Tower is available to view below, and nay further updates on AiSolve’s new VR projects will be here on VRFocus.