Adobe Reveal New VR Application Project New View

During Adobe’s recent summit event held in London, the company revealed a new virtual reality (VR) application that it has in the works by the name of Project New View.

Adobe Project New View

Project New View is a new VR-and-voice version of Adobe’s business and marketing analytics tool, making it an innovative social VR data experience. The approach to taking all the data that users of the analytics tools would usually have to click through and allowing them to explore it visually, within virtual space is an exciting new move. The use of voice actions also allows users to reduce the overall number of inputs requires from a mouse and keyboard and make use of Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) to help them process all the data in front of the.

One way to see the benefit of this VR solution to marketing analytics data is the distribution of visitors to a website. Rather then a traditional map displaying the count of visitors, or even some graphics, users can view a 3D globe model and rotate it to see the data for worldwide users all at the flick of a wrist. Though this all sounds a bit over the top, the application makes a great deal of sense when you take into account the social aspect of it. Users being able to come together with virtual space to review and discuss the data would be a great benefit to many. Allowing those to partake in the application without a VR headset as well would further the applications reach.

Adobe Project New View

As mentioned, Project New View can make use of voice commands to help make the navigation of the application easier. What is interesting though is the idea that these voice control features would be taken to other programs as well, allowing for opportunities to improve workflows and increase productivity.

Though only shown as a working demonstration, with details rather thing on how Project New View will develop in future, it is clear that Adobe is keen to create new experiences within virtual space, alongside AI and machine learning. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Adobe’s developments moving forward so stay tuned for more.