Admix Joins the Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance

Admix have joined up with High Fidelity to offer VR advertising and monetisation.

There have been several companies who have been investigating various approaches to monetisation for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). One of those is Admix, who have created a monetisation platform for AR and VR. Admix are now working together with High Fidelity to bring new monetisation options to the High Fidelity virtual world.

The High Fidelity Marketplace will soon support the Admix solution, which allows High Fidelity domains to display brand-sponsored objects and adverts from the Admix network, allowing domain owners to share in the revenue.

Oasis Screenshot

In addition, Admix are joining the Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VBA), which was co-founded by high Fidelity and JanusVR, which is aiming to allow for easier compatibility between VR developers by utilising blockchain technology.

“We’re delivering ads that make sense for virtual worlds,” said Admix CEO Samuel Huber. “We don’t use personal data to make ads relevant. We take our cues from the virtual environment itself, so everyone shares the same experience. It’s contextual data over behavioral data.”

High Fidelity domain owners will be able to use a simple drag-and-drop system to select ads from the Marketplace and choose the position, size and content. Admix then connects to an ecosystem of advertisers to display adverts appropriate to the virtual location, such as showing sports-related content in a virtual stadium.

“Advertisements in VR should respect privacy,” said High Fidelity CEO Philip Rosedale. “Admix is doing this the right way: showing ads without collecting any personal information about the users. It’s a great example of the kind of standards the VRBA can help create, and we are happy to work with Admix to champion the best practices for virtual worlds.”

A demo of the High Fidelity/Admix system in use is available to view in a video below. Simple ad formats will be available initially, with more complex ad placements being added to the platform as it develops.

For further news on use of blockchain and advertising in VR and AR, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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