5 Indie Titles Due to Launch on PlayStation VR This Week

For PlayStation VR owners looking for a new videogame to purchase this week, indie developers have got five different titles instore. Arriving in the next few days will be Along Together, Black Hat Cooperative, The Perfect Sniper, To the Top  and  Wraith.

Along Together key art

One of the bigger titles in the bunch is Along Together by US developer Turbo Button. The team behind SMS Racing and  Floor Plan, Along Together originally debuted last year for Google Daydream which VRFocus reviewed. The videogame is all about guiding a child through fantasy worlds, solving puzzles within the environment to make new paths. Players control the kid in addition to having their own direct actions; moving objects which create new paths for the child to follow.

Along Together is scheduled to launch for PlayStation VR tomorrow, with versions for Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Steam also arriving.

Black Hat Cooperative is an older co-op stealth experience that originally came to HTC Vive in 2016. Created by Team Future, Black Hat Cooperative pits players and an ally against robot agents that are hunting both of you. Player one is in virtual reality (VR), sneaking past agents, collecting treasure, keys, and passwords. Whilst player two is on a standard monitor viewing everything on a map helping to guide their partner whilst being able to hack security and enemies.

Black Hat Cooperative

Now it’s time for a bit of action with The Perfect Sniper. A stylized, story-driven experience where you play a morally ambiguous hero ridding the streets of crime, The Perfect Sniper will have you doing more than just camping out on rooftops or in windows, getting involved in car chase shootouts, target practice sessions, helicopter missions and more.

To the Top is an action platformer with 35+ levels to conquer. You control a Super Bot, human piloted robots engineered with super powers to protect and serve the people, and the To The Top Academy is where you train. You’re given complete freedom to work your way through the obstacle course style levels, climbing, leaping, skating and even flying, with the goal to complete each challenge as quickly as possible.

Lastly there’s Wraith, an action-packed survival shooter. Just like most of the other titles on this list, Wraith is another PC VR port, this time by Sinn Studio Inc. The title has you fighting wave after wave of deadly Wraiths, with different types of Wraith beginning to appear over time. There’s a real-time marketplace and currency system that allows you to purchase weapons, add-ons, ammunition, recharge your flashlight battery and more on the fly, reducing the need to slog it out until the round ends to get more supplies.

If any of these pique your interest then they’ll all be on PlayStation Store in the next few days. For the latest PlayStation VR news, keep reading VRFocus.