360 Action Series Immersive Combat Punches onto Multiple VR Platforms

In 2016, LA-based virtual reality (VR) studio Spherica announced work on a series of live-action 360-degree films called Immersive Combat. Originally debuting at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) event that year, a trailer was released for Samsung Gear VR with the studio planning to release content in the following months. While little was heard after that announcement, Spherica has now launched Immersive Combat across a range of VR headsets.

Immersive Combat

Six immersive action films have now been made available, each one aiming to offer a true cinematic experience for viewers. Incorporating Spherica’s proprietary stabilization technology to ensure smooth camera movement viewers will be able to watch a range of exciting content, from naval battles in the open sea, jousts between fully-armored knights, and head-spinning stunts performed by world champions in Kung Fu, Muay Thai and medieval combat.

“One of the main problems that exist in VR today is lack of high-quality content across different genres,” said Nick Malukhin, CEO of Spherica in a statement. We are trying to change this by releasing our original series that we have created by using high-quality production values that rival that of traditional movies, including actors, stunts, costumes, real locations and spectacular action.”

The Immersive Combat app is free to download, allowing users to navigate the virtual worlds of Immersive Combat and enjoy the original artwork, individually designed immersive VR environments and original music themes. The content offers users an in-app purchase that unlocks six interactive films that constitute Immersive Combat Season One and that is valid across all VR platforms.

Immersive Combat

“Immersive Combat is a very exciting experiment not just for us, but for the VR industry as a whole,” adds Malukhin. “First of all, we have delivered 30 minutes of original, high-quality content from an independent studio. And secondly, we have created a ‘call to action’ to the global VR audience, who can support us by means of in-app purchases that will help monetize this content in order to fund the production of Immersive Combat Season Two that is already in development. We believe that diversity of quality content like ours is what will bring VR to mass adoption, and we’re proud to contribute to the overall success of the industry in the process.”

Immersive Combat is available now for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Android devices. For further updates from Spherica keep reading VRFocus.