2MD: VR Football Release Date Announced

Upcoming virtual reality (VR) football title that puts you in the hot sear during the final two minutes of an intense game, 2MD: VR Football has announced its release date.

The upcoming title from developer Truant Pixel takes all the action of a full game of American Football and condenses it all into the final two minutes. Players take on the role of a quarterback tasked with ensuring victory for their team in these few remaining moments by any means possible. This means that payers will be able to draw up a plan for them and their team, call the shots, make the throw, hand-off, or even run the ball to score a last minute touchdown.

2MD: VR Football will include a natural throwing motion control system that can be adjusted to fit players of any health and in a sitting or standing position. Ensuring players are able to feel like the quarterback they are meant to be and land that important throw. This feature is further enhanced with the addition of mini-game like bonus rounds that challenge players to throw a number of shots and score as many points as possible.

Of course, it won’t be as easy as it sounds as 2MD: VR Football will also include a defensive AI that will quickly learn how to count your plans. Players will need to mix things up and keep the AI on their toes and not relay on the same plan more than once. Maybe you throw one round and then run through defense in the next. How you play is down to you and with voice controls included to keep your team up to speed, players will feel immersed within the experience.

Elsewhere in 2MD: VR Football players will be able to customize their team however they want and make the literal dummies feel more like a dream team, capable of winning the match. With so much content and so many options available to how players ensure victory in those final two minutes the title has a lot to live up to when it releases on PlayStation VR. In fact, it is releasing tomorrow, May 8th on PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store.

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