10 Cupcakes Launches VR Beta Test

The developers for sci-fi adventure 10 Cupcakes are accepting applications to join closed beta.

Bulgarian-based development studio Repulse is creating a sci-fi adventure in virtual reality (VR) that goes by the somewhat curious name of 10 Cupcakes. The title is about to launch its closed beta testing phase.

Users are invited to apply for a spot in the closed Beta by joining a Discord group. The first 100 applicants will get free Steam keys for the closed beta. Applicants will need a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift to apply.

The closed beta version of 10 Cupcakes will involves a crafted VR world with destructable environments that lets your weapons destroy almost anything. The combat system is physics based, and five boss fights will be available to test your skills against.

The sci-fi-based story campaign is optional, but will involve a tape player and has been designed to be interactive. Players will be able to explore a futuristic strip club, pilot flying vehicles and admire a sci-fi world. There are also extra unlockable features that can be accessed by playing a special minigame.

The storyline involves a cyberpunk dystopian future where mind-controlling aliens are seeking to take over the Earth, and you have to try and stop them.

“We wanted to make a VR game with all of the things that we love about Sci-Fi: a new world to explore, scary aliens, futuristic weapons, flying vehicles, a compelling story, and of course sexy sci-fi babes.” said Vita Gaurilkaite, manager, Repulse. “We are proud to announce that we are ready to show all of these things to our beta testers.”

Total gameplay time for the 10 Cupcakes Beta is approximately and hour and a half, including the optional story mode. Users who wish to apply for the Closed beta can do so through the Discord Group.

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