Zen-like VR Adventure Title Paper Valley Releasing This Month

Peaceful virtual reality (VR) title Paper Valley from developer VITEI Backroom is coming to the Oculus Store this month.

Paper Valley Screenshot 01

VITEI Backroom have today announced that their upcoming Oculus-exclusive VR title Paper Valley will be coming to players in only a matter of weeks. In this zen-like title, players are tasked with bringing the world back to life, using the Oculus Touch controllers to throw, curl, and glide paper planes into targets. Each successful throw will add colour and life to the world bringing beauty back to the environments and unlocking the hidden secrets of the valley.

The nonviolent, zen-like title allows anyone to enter the world and return the beauty thanks to accessible controls creating a simplistic and relaxing experience. No matter the skill levels, players will be able to enjoy Paper Valley at their own pace. Already the winner of the Famitsu Media Highlight Award at BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan 2017, Paper Valley will now be available to all on April 19th.

Paper Valley Screenshot 02

“I’m incredibly proud of the team. Paper Valley represents the best of what we’re about: simple approachable VR gameplay, set in an imaginative and immersive world.” said CEO of VITEI Backroom, Giles Goddard. “We’re just really excited to get Paper Valley out there for all the VR enthusiasts and newcomers to enjoy!”

VITEI Backroom are an award-winning videogame studio focusing on creative and unique VR experiences, having created numerous prototypes and winning many awards. Now, with the small but international team working hard in Kyoto, Japan, they are bringing Paper Valley to all with its Oculus-exclusive release on April 19th for £14.99 (GBP) / $19.99 (USD) / 19,99€ (EURO).

Other titles the team have worked on include The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. which is in development for the PlayStation VR and also A Tiny Escape, which was a two-player prototype VR title made in only five weeks. Both of these titles explore creative gameplay opportunities to build experiences that are memorable, different and engaging for the users. Now with Paper Valley, the design standards that the company aim for are clearly viable in the title, resulting in a captivating title that will surely be a fun experience. You can see a trailer for the title below.

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