XXII Group Co-Founder Dam Mulhem Speaks About Innovation in VR and AR

Since 2015, XXII Group have been working on virtual reality (VR) technology. Beginning modestly with only ten people, to company now employs fifty, working on a range of applications covering areas such as education and training.

Nina of VRFocus got the chance to speak to the Co-Founder of XII Group, Dam Mulhem about the types of applications they company creates, and how these applications were designed and developed.

XXII Group have worked extensively with creating VR content for live events as well as branded content such as an application for a TV broadcaster called My TFI VR which allowed users to become immersed in some of the most popular shows on the channel. They also created a simulation titles called Virtual Augmented Lab, which was a mixed reality experience designed to raise awareness of the risks involved in working in a laboratory environment.

For its first foray into videogames, the company created a escape room called Dwingle BOT, featuring a small robot, which players need to repair and then teach it to perform various tasks in order to escape from the place they are trapped in. This was followed up with another escape room experience involving escaping from a prison.

Mulhem said that in creating its first two videogames, that they were keen to encourage players to move around more, and not feel restricted to simply standing or sitting, describing how some players ended up crawling on the floor in their attempts to find clues and avenues of escape.

According to Mulhem, the impetus behind the decision to create a VR content company was attending an event where he and his fellow co-founder saw the enthusiasm – and long queues – for the VR headset demonstrations at the booths and decided it would be worth exploring what was possible in this new medium.

You can watch the full interview below and as always VRFocus will continue to bring you news, features and interviews from the VR and immersive technology sector.