WorldViz Releases VR Business Collaboration Solutions

An increasing number of brands and business are beginning to realise the possibilities opened up by immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). To provide for this new demand, companies such as WorldViz have been launching new products to let businesses take advantage of what VR and AR have to offer.

WorldViz has just launched its newest product, Vizible, a way to let professionals communicate complex ideas and images with each other. The company has also announced its next project, an all-in-one VR business solution called VizBox.

Worldviz - Skofield

Vizible is designed to allow clients, colleagues and teams to collaborate in a cost-effective and immersive way. The Presentation Designer built into the software allows users to drag their own content, such as 3D models, videos or PDFs into the VR environment. WorldViz have aimed to make the user interface comfortable to those familiar with tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Since Vizible is cloud-based, it is possible to invite users from all around the world into the VR environment as if setting up a conference call.

VizBox has been created to offer a lightweight, portable, all-in-one VR system. Consisting of a VR-ready laptop equipped with a powerful Nvidia GeForce graphics card, an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) with two Oculus Touch controllers and two Oculus trackers and a hard-wearing case with foam inserts to protect the accessories during shipping. The VizBox can be shipped out to events or remote offices allowing personnel everything they need to access a Vizible session.

“Current methods for visualizing complex information such as product designs or architectural designs, are falling short. Businesses are using blueprints and 2D screens to try to extrapolate what a 3D design might look like at scale, and that just doesn’t cut it, especially when the smallest mistake can cost a company millions of dollars,” said Andrew Beall, CEO of WorldViz. “VR provides a better way to communicate that information, and a better means for collaborating around that information, which is why we designed Vizible and its companion product, VizBox.”

WorldViz VizBox In Action

Vizible is available on a subscription basis, priced at $250 (USD) per user per month, though the cost only applies to the host. Attendees can attend Vizible sessions for free. VizBoxes are planned to be available from May 2018 priced at $7,900, though rental agreements will also be available.

A video demonstration of Vizible is available to view below. VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on new and upcoming VR products and services.