Wave Shooter Gets Upgraded With Zombie Grenades Practice

Since the start of the modern era of virtual reality (VR) the wave shooter has been a staple of VR videogame libraries, often serving as a way for new developers to learn how to work with VR. More recently there has been criticism of oversaturation of the genre, to which one developer has responded by removing the shooting from the wave shooter.

Zombie Grenades Practice invites the player to imagine that the zombie apocalypse is in full swing, but that instead of the usual suite of pistols, shotguns and assault rifles, all you have are grenades.

Developer ARVI LLC has devised a mix of puzzle mechanics with the familiar trappings of the wave shooter. There are a variety of grenade types available, including frag, contact, bouncing and radio grenades, with others that can be discovered and unlocked as gameplay progresses.

They key to victory and a great high score is to use the absolute minimum number of grenades, which entails selecting the best grenade type for the job at hand, as well as being precise with your throws, with advanced players able to use clever ‘trick shot’ throws to take out the maximum number of undead at once.

The development team describe the gameplay as being easy to pick up, but tricky to master. Stats and achievements are available for players to track their progress over the 15 levels currently available within the title. A variety of locales are available, each having its own obstacles, features and goals. As a result, different tactics and careful choice of loadout will be needed to complete each level.

Zombie Grenades Practice is out now on Steam for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. The title supports Room Scale, so a playing space of 1m by 1.5m is recommended. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

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