Travel Back In Time With AR App Time Passport

Independent studio Time Passport Inc have announced that their augmented reality (AR) app, Time Passport, that takes users back in time is now available.

Time Passport Screenshot 02

The Time Passport app allows users to visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in an immersive AR experience right on their mobile device. The app builds a complete, full-scale replica of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon that users can explore and walk around so having a large open space would allow for total immersion. Of course, for those unable to find a big enough space, Time Passport also offers a small-scale version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to view in your home.

Visiting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is not the only thing you can do with Time Passport, as the app also includes a treasure hunt within the full-scale version that will teach visitors about the mysterious Wonder of the Ancient World. Explore the gardens, uncover the clues and find hidden scrolls to learn more about this stunning feat of architecture. As you explore you can take pictures share them with your friends to expand the experience and share the moments.

Time Passport Screenshot 03

Developed by Time Passport Inc, the company specializes AR technology with the focus of using it for time travel. Thanks to the power of mobile devices the company is able to build an app take allows a user to pull their mobile device out of their pocket and experience historical sites anywhere in the world.

“Using augmented reality the way we did with this app immerses us in this fabulous building of the past. The fact that we can actually walk in and out of it really gives us a feel of its presence, and this is possible using only your iphone or ipad!” Carina Poulin, CEO and co-founder of Time Passport Inc said. “We take pride in producing an impressive experience that is also historically accurate. The unknown location of the real Hanging Gardens of Babylon gives us a wonderful pretext to show it to people all over the world. While the exact appearance of the gardens remains to be known, our in-house historian has worked on making sure the elements and the content that we see respect what we know about it today.”

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are the first public demo of the Time Passport app and the company hopes to grow it in the future by adding more historical locations to it. By offering memorable experiences, an ever growing list of locations and inviting users to travel back in time, Time Passport Inc is aiming to become the leader in providing historical time travel experiences thanks to AR technology.

Time Passport is available now for iOS devices via the Apple app store.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Time Passport in the future so stay tuned for more.