Survios Want You To Be A Contender In Creed: Rise to Glory

The Rocky franchise has become something of a cultural touchstone, with nearly everyone being able to recognise the iconic training scenes from the first film. Developer Survios wants to take that recognition a step further, letting you step into the action and become part of the rise of Adonis Creed to boxing greatness.

VRFocus’ own Nina spoke to Survios Product Marketing Manager Vann Childs about Creed: Rise to Glory and how the title came about, and how the company has worked with film company MGM to create the experience.


MGM was one of the earliest investors in Survios, and is also the owner of the Rocky franchise intellectual property. The Survios team noted that virtual reality (VR) is ideally suited for the visceral environment of boxing, as the immediacy and immersion allows users to get much more involved in the events around them.

The development team did experience a few challenges along the way, such as devising a way to ensure that the player was in control of the avatar’s actions whilst still making the character of Adonis Creed seem suitably competent and capable.

The system that was devised is called the Phantom Melee system. This effectively involves two player avatars, a ‘phantom’ which remains 1-to-1 with the player’s movement, the second is Adonis Creed. The more closely the player matches with the movements of Adonis Creed, the better they will perform.

The main attraction for Creed: Rise to Glory is the campaign mode, which charts the progression of Adonis Creed as he attempts to fight his way up the ranks to become a boxing legend. Another mode available is Exhibition Mode, where players will be able to pick an arena and style in a more arcade-style casual experience.


The full interview is available to view below, and you can also check out the hands-on preview of Creed: Rise to Glory. As always, VRFocus will keep you informed on further news and updates.