Snapchat Lens Studio Lets Anyone Create AR Face Lenses

Social media lives and dies on its content. For many people who wish to experiment with creating immersive content, Snapchat lenses can offer a simple and easily accessible way to get to grips with the idea.

Snapchat are opening up the Lens Studio tool to users, enabling anyone to create their own AR face lenses for the first time, in a way similar to the World Lenses that had previously been offered.

Like the custom world Lenses that had previously been made available, user-created Face Lenses can be sent to Snapchat for approval before being made available for use by other Snapchat users.

Seven templates for user’s to experiment with will be included on Face Lens Studio to start with. These include:

  • Face Paint: Concentrates on face substitution, mapping a face to create facial art. Designed for Lenses that show off make-up, costumes and accessories.
  • Photo: Similar to Face Pain but only requires the user to have a single, face-on photo of the subject.
  • Distort: Stretch a face in all directions, make bulging eyes or crooked noses. No additional assets needed.
  • Trigger: Different facial movements to trigger various actions, such as smiling, blinking or raising your eyebrows. Experience with scripting or 3D animation can be helpful.
  • 2D Objects: Attach 2D images to a head shot, such as adding sprite ears or glasses.
  • 3D Objects: Attach 3D objects to the head. The template includes a helper script to play simple looping animations
  • Baseball Cap: Add a 3D baseball cap and customise the colour and style to make it your own.

Lens Studio is also adopting GIPHY integration to allow both World and Face Lenses to use animated GIF stickers. Snapchat’s new ‘Official Creator Program’ will offer select partners access to new features and more direct support.

Snapchat Lens Studio

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