Searching For Mobile VR: Places You Can Get Apps Easily On Android And iOS

iVROX return to discuss some of the different stores where you can acquire apps for your mobile VR headset.

If you have just picked up a virtual reality (VR) headset or even put together your first Google Cardboard you may be interested to know where you can find all the best VR applications available right now. There are millions of apps available in the app stores across Android and iOS, but sorting out the ones that are VR apps can be a big challenge.

Works With Google CardboardRather than sorting through thousands of results it could be easier to browse through VR apps in a single place through the use of categories. Going to a single VR store that only contains VR apps instead of the other generic apps on the App Store and Google Play Store could save you a lot of time.

Comparing three VR apps platforms available on Android and iOS:

Some of the best places to simplify your search is with the help of apps like WearVR, the iVROX VR Store and the Google Cardboard app. Rather than using the App Store or the Google Play, these are stores that can display only the latest in VR apps from both major marketplaces. Downloading these VR stores will eliminate all of the generic applications and ensure that you can quickly find VR apps compatible with your device.

We did a quick comparison between these three to help you choose your favourite VR app platforms available right now:


The WearVR marketplace is a listing of over 1000 VR games and experiences. It was founded in 2014 in Atlanta, USA and in Leeds, UK. WearVR offers a wide range of great experiences including 360°. This app stands as one of the leading independent reality application stores available right now. It features apps of almost every type including social apps, horror apps, immersive VR games, multiplayer experiences and more. If you want to try out a series of immersive worlds this is an application with massive compatibility and all the latest apps that can be added to the system as soon as they are launched.

WEARVRCardboard App

Cardboard is a Google product and it’s created to help you source apps that are VR compatible. The app was launched in 2014 with the Google Cardboard VR system by Google California. By installing the cardboard app libraries, you can sort through a wide range of content that’s compatible with your VR device. The app sends out notifications for new VR apps which could suit your interest. Some of the most popular applications that are available on Cardboard include Exhibit, Arctic Journey, Photo Sphere, Tour Guide and Earth. As Cardboard is a Google product however, it doesn’t offer the best support for iOS devices.

Google Cardboard AppiVROX VR Store

This VR Store is designed to help you discover the best in video contents and VR apps that can work with any VR device powered by Android or iOS. It was developed by iVROX in 2017 under this Franco-British company specialised in VR. Through this platform, you can find hundreds of games, 360° videos and VR apps all compatible with your smartphone. Rather than sorting through thousands of listings, the VR store by iVROX puts them all at your fingertips and simple to download on your device.

The categories available in this platform include a top 20, action, horror, simulation, social, camera apps, video players and more. The store is consistently adding new experiences. The iVROX VR Store that gets updated quite often features an astounding number of videos and apps that can lead to hundreds of hours of VR exploration.

iVROX VR StoreGetting started with these stores just means finding and downloading any one of these VR stores from the App Store or the Google Play Store. They can look somewhat similar to the typical stores, only that they will display just VR compatible applications. With so many different categories available you can have the same wealth of choice that you did in a classic app store but without having any apps that might be incompatible or not in VR.

One of the best parts about using these new app listings is that there is no need for the complicated sorting and going through the other app markets.

With a market that can install just as easily as any other app on the smartphone, these stores remain one of the easiest ways to find the best VR content for your device with a compatibility rating on the VR experience. Ultimately, when it comes to having better VR experiences on any smartphone device, using a specific VR store function for finding apps remains one of the best paths to take. Check out Wearvr, the iVROX VR store and the Google Cardboard app to start improving your VR experience in finding new applications.

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