Reality Gaming Group Talks About Virtual Arms Dealing

Augmented reality (AR) has become much more prevalent since the launch of Niantic’s Pokemon Go, and the subsequent launch of apple’s ARKit toolset. Developers Reality Gaming Group are seeking to build on this trend with its AR title Reality Clash.

Tony Pearce of Reality Gaming Group spoke to VRFocus about Reality Clash, the details of its creation and how cryptocurrency became entwined with the app.

Reality Clash Armoury

Pearce describes Reality Clash as a cross between Pokemon Go and Call of Duty, combining the classic first-person shooter gameplay with the newer AR technology that allows players to explore, discover and battle in the real world.

Players can join a team, which can comprise up to 200 people to battle against, or players can engage with AR bots who re scattered across the map if no other players are currently in your area.

Reality Gaming Group raised funding for the development using cryptocurrency. The company recently closed an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, which involved investors buying up the cryptocurrency, which then gives those investors the opportunity to access exclusive in-game weapons, which can then be traded on the blockchain for a profit.

As such, this gives players the chance to effectively become a virtual arms dealer, supplying exclusive weapons to friends, teammates, or just whoever offers to most money. This provides a route into the gameplay for those who might not have a sharpshooter’s aim.

Reality Clash will be opening a website for its arms trading platform, which will also have a mobile companion app which allows users to see exactly what a weapon looks, feels and sounds like within AR. Players will then have the option to purchase the weapon through the website.

The virtual trading platform is due to open within the next few weeks, with the main Reality Clash AR app due for release in September 2018. The full interview is available to watch below.

Further information on Reality Clash will be right here on VRFocus as soon as it becomes available.