Racing Towards the Future In WipEout Omega Collection Gameplay Video

WipEout attracted immediate attention upon its initial release, with its sharp, futuristic designs and a soundtrack that featured a host of well-known names from the immensely popular techno and rave scenes, like Leftfield and Orbital. Since the rise of modern virtual reality (VR) fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting WipEout in VR, and now it is finally here.

Whilst WipEout Omega Collection was not developed for the ground up for VR, unlike Gran Turismo Sport, VR capabilities are not limited to just one singular mode. Instead, the entire gameplay experience is available in VR, allowing players to try out the HD, Fury or 2048 modes in glorious VR.

Wipeout VR

Originally announced during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Experience event, the news that WipEout Omega Collection would be coming to VR was met with great anticipation among fans, who believed that WipEout was a perfect fit for VR.

Today’s VRFocus gameplay video shows what WipeOut Omega Collection looks like when engaging in VR mode. In the 2048 mode and piloting the iconic Feisar ship in its classic yellow and blue livery, we show a look at a race through the Empire Climb track, which features tall, futuristic buildings, strange-looking inflatables hanging in the sky and the characteristic WipEout impossibly steep turns and gravity-defying near-vertical tracks.

PlayStation VR owners who already have WipEout Omega Collection can get the VR update for free, which comes with a complete 3D audio overhaul, and extra music track in the form of a Vieille Griffe remix of Shake It.

For those who haven’t yet picked up a copy, WipEout Omega Collection is currently available on the PlayStation Store priced at £29.99 (GBP). In addition, the price of the PlayStation VR has been dropped to £259.99, this seems like a great time to get involved in the VR scene.

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