Opening the Gates of Nowhere at GDC 2018

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018 may have ended a few weeks ago but VRFocus has still got lots of interesting virtual reality (VR) snippets from the event. The latest is an interview with Italian developer Symmetrical, discussing its VR horror experience Gates of Nowhere for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Gates of Nowhere Screen-Update-14-1

Having launched via Steam Early Access in August 2017 the team has continually updated and improved the title over the last few months. The experience is your classic dungeon crawler style videogame, with no explanation of why you’re there it’s a case of exploring the crumbling ruins in which you find yourself, picking up any useful items on route. These can be ingredients to make life giving potions or a sword and shield to protect yourself from the creatures that lurk in the darkness.

Last month saw the release of the campaign’s final chapter for Early Access players, unlocking a new weapon – the Hammer – bringing the total available up to ten, as well as Audio Spatialization and dynamic clothes to make the immersion even better.

While at GDC 2018 Symmetrical was showcasing Gates of Nowhere for the first time on HTC Vive Pro. While the title looks good on the standard headset the HTC Vive Pro certainly lives up to its name, offering greater clarity, depth and immersion than its little brother, much in the same way VRFocus was impressed with Evasion.

Gates of Nowhere Screen-Update-10-1

In VRFocus’ preview of the videogame we said: “Having been in Early Access for a number of months now Gates of Nowhere is looking very promising. Symmetrical look to have all the right ingredients for one of the best dungeon crawlers in VR, but there is some fine tuning needed before it can reach that lofty goal against some stiff competition.”

VRFocus spoke with Symmetrical’s Fabrizio Terranova about development of Gates of Nowhere and plans for its future as well as discussing the studio’s other projects that are in the works in the video below. For further updates on Gates of Nowhere, keep reading VRFocus.