Open For Business: Reality Clash Armoury Sees Cryptocurrency Price Jumps

Reality Gaming Group have launched the online store that will allow users to explore a list of available weaponry and buy them using the Reality Clash in-game cryptocurrency, RCC Gold. The online store will support an economy for the augmented reality (AR) title Reality Clash.

Reality Clash is a AR first-person shooter title which allows users to engage with other players, playing in teams in a multiplayer environment, or play against AI bots if no other players are in the area.

Reality Clash Armoury

The developers raised money for the development of Reality Clash by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This allowed investors to buy the cryptocurrency. Those investors can then use the cryptocurrency on the Reality Clash Armoury to buy virtual guns, which can then be traded with other players. The cryptocurrency than then be converted in real-world currency such as dollars or euros.

With the opening of the Armoury, players and speculators will be able to buy exclusive, limited-edition weaponry that can be used in Reality Clash. Upon the opening of the store, 50,000 Reality Clash Gold, or RCC Gold coins were spent, resulting in 75% of the initial limited-edition stock of virtual weaponry selling out.

Some of the initial weaponry set feature skins that reference a variety of cryptocurrency, such as a Bitcoin machine gun or an Ethereum sniper rifle. Each week, two new guns and skins will be added to the Armoury, and will be announced on the Reality Clash social media channels.

The Reality Clash Armoury will also have an Android mobile companion app which uses a smartphone camera to render guns in AR, allowing users to get a good look at the weapons and even test fire them, letting customers try before they buy. An iOS version of the app is currently in development.

Morten Rongaard, Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder, said: “We were absolutely thrilled with the level of participation in the Reality Clash ICO, and now we’re even more excited to embark on the next stage of that journey – the opening of the Reality Clash Armoury.

Further news on Reality Clash will continue to be reported on VRFocus.