One Piece: Grand Cruise Makes Port As Japanese Release Date Announced

One Piece remains one of the biggest and most popular anime franchises, with fans all across the world and a bewildering array of merchandise and spin-offs. Excitement for the upcoming release was high when a virtual reality (VR) adaptation was announced for the PlayStation VR.

Bandai Namco have confirmed a release date of 24th May, 2018 for the Japanese release of One Piece: Grand Cruise on the PlayStation VR.

One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy as he and his misfit crew, the Straw Hat Pirate, attempt to find an item called the One Piece in order to become King of the Pirates. A number of obstacles stand in his way, and there are also the powers of the mysterious Devil’s Fruit to content with.

According to information published in Shonen Jump magazine, One Piece: Grand Cruise will contain two main battle modes – one of which will involve a fight against the Marines, which will involve the player arming the shit to fight off cannon attacks. The second mode takes place against a giant Kraken, where the player is the one using cannons to fend of the giant sea creature.

Besides the battle modes, there will be opportunities for the player to interact with the Straw Hat Pirate. Interactions with Nami, Robin and Zoro were confirmed in the Shonen Jump coverage. Conversations wit the crew will provoke different reactions from the characters depending on what actions and choices the player makes.

The title previously appeared as a location-based experience, with One Piece Tower in Tokyo hosted a special multiplayer version of the title which allowed up to eight players to go through the experience together.


The title has previously been confirmed as getting a Western release for the PlayStation VR, though no release date for that version has yet been confirmed. A price point is also yet to be set. Further news on One Piece: Grand Cruise will be here on VRFocus.