Nyko Launch PlayStation VR Accessories Sale

If you are a regular virtual reality (VR) user, particularly a PlayStation VR user, you might have found yourself wishing for a few devices and accessories that make your life a bit easier when engaging in VR. Accessory supplier Nyko are stepping up to that challenge by providing some of its PlayStation VR accessories at a discount.

Nyko have been running a series of sales offers to help videogame fans save a bit of cash during tax season. The 20% discounts have run across various platforms, and has now come around to the PlayStation VR.

Many PlayStation VR titles rely on the PlayStation Move, but keeping them both charged when you only have one spare USB port on your console (with the other obviously being occupied by the PlayStation VR headset cable) can be a challenge. Nyko have two products that can make that task considerably easier.

The first is a AC charging block which allows users to store and charge both PlayStation Move controllers simultaneously. The charger has been designed to allow the controllers to be easily disengaged using only one hand to make it easier to grab them during a PlayStation VR gaming session. Normally priced at $19.99 (USD), the charging block is currently discounted to $15.99.

Also designed for the PlayStation Move is the Charge Link VR cable, a 10 foot USB to Mini USB cable with a y-split end that lets players use both PlayStation Move controllers and keep them charged. This cable is normally $14.99 but is now available for $11.99.

For users who suffer for the scourge of simulation sickness, the VR Motion Bands might be worth a try. A type of wrist strap which affixes tightly to the user’s wrist with an acupressure ball that has been known to ease symptoms of motion sickness. The VR Motion Band is currently available for $10.39, discounted from $12.99.

Finally, if you find yourself lacking a good place to Store your PlayStation VR, the VR stand is available. This comes equipped with four USB forts that can be plugged in to AC power to ensure all your devices are kept charged. The VR stand is discounted to $23.99, down from $29.99.

Further details are available on the Nyko website. Keep checking back with VRFocus for more news on the latest deals and offers on VR products.